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Scarlett Johansson on marriage, men and Donald Trump

Scarlett Johansson on marriage, men and Donald Trump | Daily Mail Online: "Scarlett Johansson arrives alone. This is a surprise. Hollywood superstars usually come with spin doctors and minders, but the most successful female actor of all time, whose films have grossed $3.6 billion, turns up all on her own, slipping into a quiet corner of a bar near her home on the Upper East Side of Manhattan without anybody really noticing"

I have a question from my own daughter, who is 15 now and a big fan: how does it feel to know that almost everyone she meets fancies her?Scarlett Johansson comes across as quietly confident in herselfScarlett Johansson is ready to come out fighting, then. But there’s another fight going on. We’re having this conversation before news breaks of her divorce from Romain Dauriac