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Lady Gaga Talks With PropaGaga: "ARTPOP is my first real album"

Last night, during the meet & greet at the Born This Way Ball in St.Paul Minnesota one of the admins of the famous Lady Gaga fan-page PropaGaga, met Gaga & had the chance to talk with her. During their meet, Gaga spilled some important info about ARTPOP. Read what she said below or clic here o read the full article on

  • Gaga spoke about ARTPOP, saying that she was much happier while writing and recording it – a process that started directly after she finished with Born This Way
  • Gaga said that she knew Born This Way was a challenge to most of her fans, and that we endured a lot. She continued and said that she created the album, which ultimately became a movement, as a form of therapy, and she has no regrets about Born This Way, though feels she is now able to move on as a happier and more mature person.
  • When asked if she felt pressured about the new record, Gaga said she would be worried if there wasn’t any pressure, because it helps her work. She said she knows what we want, and that’s fun, dirty, dance music, and there’s no shortage of it on ARTPOP.
  • She explained that the album is pretty much done: there’s vocals and music on all the tracks, but she wants to take three weeks after the tour is over, during her break, to re-record her vocals with her coach Don Lawrence, so that the album is the best quality it can be, because its forever.
  • Gaga mentioned that she considers ARTPOP her first real album, that its about a phoenix rising from the ashes, and is worried if she’ll ever be able to top it because she knows it’s that good.