Megan Fox in Brazilian Beer Brahma Commercial

via glooce

Well, it's official: Megan Fox makes beer look hot.

The stunning actress is starring in a new commercial for the Brazilian brand Brahma, serving as a spokeswoman for the beverage and promoting the beer in an, er, interesting ad campaign. 

Of course, the former Transformers star makes sipping on a brewski look sexy in short-shorts and a tiny yellow tank (without any beer belly or baby weight in sight)

In the commercial—which is filmed entirely in Portuguese with the exception of Fox's one line— the brunette beauty winks seductively at the camera, pretends to take off her clothes and jumps around, clearly elated to be drinking the lager. Oh, and she also reveals a secret identity or two underneath it all.

Brian Austin Green's other half joins Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro in promoting the product ahead of Rio's famous Carnival festival. Check out the full commercial or Brahma beer and then hit the comments with your thoughts!

And if you're confused? Just remember, sex sells.

Guy talking: During Carnival, you can be whoever you want to be.
Guy talking: Like Peter that is an engineer, but in Carnival, he is The Chairman.
Guy talking: Or you can be a Brahma truck and bump into Megan Fox.
Guy talking: But beware, because Megan Fox can actually be Gus.
Guy talking: (laughing) This is Carnival my friend, where everyone can be who they want.
Megan Fox: Including me.
Voice Over: Imagine Carnival. Brahma. Imagine the party.

-translation by funfairSP