Will Kristen Stewart Get an Oscar Nod for On The Road?

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Could Kristen Stewart score an Oscar nomination for On The Road?

With awards season ramping up and the adaptation of the Jack Kerouac classic set to debut in limited release this month, buzz about the actress’ portrayal of Marylou and potential honors is surfacing in some corners.

But what does Stewart think of the hype?

The Huffington Post asked the Twilight star for her thoughts on the awards season push.

“I love talking about this movie and everyone involved and the book and everything I’ve been through since the start of it. I would do anything to get the word out,” said Stewart.

But she added, “The fact that it has something to do with the Academy, I simply personally can’t acknowledge it in any way because it’s a ridiculous notion to suddenly go, like, ‘Yep, I’m really gunning. I’m really gunning for it.’”

Golden Globe nominations will be announced on Thursday, with the Oscar nods coming in January.

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