Star Magazine reports That Anne Hathaway is pregnant

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Looks like Anne Hathaway will take her weight from one extreme to another this year. On the slight chance that you’re Rip Van Winkles and you just awoke from a 100-year nap, let me be the first to tell you that Anne Hathaway lost clinically unhealthy amounts of weight for her role as Fantine in Les Miserables. That story dominated the headlines for approximately 25 weeks, one week for every pound she lost by starving herself.

And now, it appears she’ll be gaining weight for her new role as a mother. Not in a movie, but in real life! According to Star, she not only wants a baby, but she’s already pregnant. with one. Which works out beautifully, because it would be horrid if she went around being all like, “I hate babies and I never want one! Oh, also I’m pregnant and I’m registered at Babies R Us.”

A pal of The Devil Wears Prada star told Star the brunette beauty has been dropping “subtle hints that she may already be pregnant.

“She’s been avoiding alcohol, talking about nursery colors and decorations and inquiring to close friends who recently gave birth about the best pediatricians,” the pal said. ”She and Adam are definitely giving off the pregnant bliss vibe, leading loved ones to believe they might have a little one next summer!”

If we’ve learned anything from The Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumor Mill of 2012, it’s that everything’s a sign of pregnancy. Especially the classic pregnant bliss vibe. If you’re shaking your head in confusion about this vibe, then you’ve clearly never seen a pregnant woman before. While I can’t pretend it’s possible to sum up the vibe with mere words, I’ll try. It’s that thing when a woman rides around the countryside on the back of a magical stork while saying things like “sonogram! diapers! wet nurse!” You’d know it, if you saw it.

Her pal goes on to also add that she’s excited thinking about ”how great a father Adam will be. He can’t wait until their baby is born.”

Like I said before, this is marvelous, marvelous, marvelous! There’s nothing more dreadful when an anonymous pal tells the media that a prospective father’s not excited for the birth of his child.

While this pregnancy’s still in early rumor stages, we expect it to be in full-blown face-bloat speculation mode by the time the new year rolls around.

Congrats Anne! Once you hit baby bump watch, you’ve really made it in this town.

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