Paris Hilton Rescues Demi Moore's Abandoned Kitten!

via glooce


On December 5, Demi Moore was spotted with the elusive kitty at the Art Basel Chanel dinner party at the Soho Beach House in Miami. The cat wined and dined with Moore throughout the early evening hours, but after the party, the actress went off to another event, leaving the cat behind. Many were concerned about the kitten's fate, but we are happy to hear that it has found a new home.

First Post reported that the cat stuck around after Moore's departure to meet the Hilton sisters, who are famous for their love of animals.

Paris and Nicky Hilton have named the cat Soho, after the place where she was found. Soho had the pleasure of staying with the sisters at their suite at the Fountainbleau hotel. She was then flown back to New York on a private jet. We can't wait to see more photos of Soho enjoying her new celebrity pet lifestyle.

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