Miley Cyrus has blossomed in to a sexy women

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We bet that Miley Cyrus is as amused as we are this morning that photos of her looking fantastic in a bondage-inspired getup as she performed at Israeli DJ Borgore’s Christmas Creampies concert on Saturday night is being touted as “shocking.” Really? She’s showing off some sexy cleavage there, but for a pop star — one who’s performing at this week’s VH1 Divas concert, btw — this hardly counts as a controversial outfit.

People are still somehow surprised that the 20-year-old is all grown up and no longer a Disney star, while to us it feels like the very story of being surprised about Miley’s maturity is itself old enough to vote by now. OK, sure, when she posed seemingly naked for Vanity Fair at age 15, that was a little bit shocking. She was, after all, underage and still a Disney princess. But that was four and a half years ago, people. Those young, impressionable fans are in college now. In 2009, again, people were up in arms over Miley playfully dancing around a stripper pole during her “Party in the U.S.A.” performance at the Teen Choice Awards. Please, she was fully clothed and singing about poser Hollywood girls. The next year, everyone was mock shocked over her video for “Can’t Be Tamed,” which featured Miley in a cage and doing some sexy moves with her male and female dancers. Asked whether she made the video in order to break out of the Hannah Montana mold people placed her in, she told MTV News, “I think it definitely shows a change of what people remember me as, but it’s not trying to not be me. … The lighting is different, the outfit may be different, but what you see in me is the same since I was 11-years-old on Hannah Montana.”

Now, two years later, as Miley is engaged to be married, rocking an edgy look, recording a new album and adopting an adorable dog every other week (exactly what we would do with her money!), she’s getting flak for being hot and stylish onstage. Stop thinking of her as a little girl, America!

And get ready to see her being sexy all over again on VH1 Divas this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.

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