Lena Dunham does Twiggy for ‘Entertainment Weekly’

via glooce

Lena Dunham was one of this year’s breakout female stars, but for her Entertainment Weekly photo shoot, she paid homage to another female icon: Twiggy.

The Girls actress channels the ’60s star for the magazine’s Entertainers of the Year spread in a floral-print Comme des Garçons dress and dead-on Twiggy-esque hair and makeup consisting of a mini-bouffant and cat-eye liner.

And it turns out that Dunham was obsessed with her final transformation. “She loved it, she absolutely loved it,” Dunham’s hairstylist Rheanne White tells EW.com. “She was taking pictures of herself and she kept [on] all the makeup to go out that night.”

Brigitte Reiss-Andersen, who was responsible for Dunham’s retro makeup, explains that during Twiggy’s time period, imperfections were actually encouraged. “In the ‘60s, they weren’t afraid to accentuate what we might now consider a problem, to exaggerate droopy eyes, for example,” the makeup artist says. “They would go for it and make them droopier. I gave Lena a droopy shape and that’s what gives the look drama.”