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Rihanna at NY Daily News’ Hurricane Sandy relief effort

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Rihanna wowed her fans Friday by turning up at a Manhattan club where hundreds were grooving to her new album — and delivering supplies to the Daily News hurricane relief drive.

“Rihanna! Rihanna!” the fans began chanting when the sultry siren suddenly arrived at Jay-Z’s 40/40 club in Chelsea.

“I’m so excited,” Rihanna told a reporter from The News as she embraced fans and shook hands. “I didn’t know all these people were coming, but it’s all for a good cause.”

Stunned Rihanna fan Darylin Rae Payton said, “She gave me a hug.” “My friends lost houses,” said Payton, 20, of Jamaica, Queens. “I like that she took time to do this. It wasn’t even just her. She got everyone in here to give back.”

Rihanna rocked her fans’ world after she sent out a Mayday message urging them to bring “tools to move forward from this terrible tragedy” with them to her listening party at the W. 25th St. club.

“Hurricane Sandy has deeply affected the lives of millions all across the Eastern Seaboard,” RiRi wrote in an email to The News. “Many are still without power, heat, and the basic supplies necessary to rebuild in the aftermath of such a horrific event.”

Rihanna, who has already pledged 1,000 new sleeping bags to The News’ ongoing storm relief drive, added: “Now is the time for us to come together and do whatever we can to aid those in need.
” That message was received loud and clear as Rihanna fans flocked to the club with supplies in their hands.