Kendall Jenner covers 'Miss Vogue' + Her Sexy, Fashion Shoot!!!

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We have a confession to make: We're infatuated with Kendall's Miss Vogue Australia cover. 

She looks so sleek and chic in this backless long-sleeved black dress with sheer black hat that it's taking all of our energy to not just stare at it all day.

It seems we're not alone, because the Kardashian fam is already reacting and the response is, well, very similar to ours.

"Can't get over how incredible Kendall looks in this month's Miss Vogue magazine in Australia!!" Kim Kardashian blogged. She followed up with, "Kendall's legs... I'm jealous!"

Even busy mama Kourtney Kardashian took a break from Mason and Penelope Scotland Disick to tweet her support, "I AM OBSESSED WITH YOU KENDALL! WOW. Breathtaking."

And Khloé Kardashian Odom weighed in with, "Wow!!! Show them how it's done @kendalljenner #Werrrkkkk."

Do you love seeing Kendall on the kovers as much as her sisters do?! 

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