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Christina Aguilera does NOT hate Lady Gaga as "sources" say

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Christina Aguilera is supposedly “fuming with jealousy over Lady Gaga’s new perfume, Fame,” reports Star magazine.

According to a so-called “insider” for the magazine, “Christina is threatened by any successful woman, but Gaga really gets under her skin.”

“Christina’s fragrance line is her baby, and she’s extremely territorial — especially since her album sales have tanked,” explains the Star source.

The outlet alleges that Aguilera is calling her fellow singer a “beast.”

“When Gaga first arrived on the scene, Christina predicted she’d be a one-hit wonder,” says the mag’s source. “It drives her crazy that she was so wrong.”

What’s more, the tabloid says there could be an actual confrontation between the two stars looming.

“Christina can be really low-class and has been saying she wants to kick Gaga’s ass!” declares the Star insider, adding, “They could easily end up at the same party, especially with the holidays coming up. Things could really get out of hand.”

Oh, my!

So are Aguilera and Gaga really close to rumbling at an upcoming Christmas soiree, asStar suggests?


It turns out the tabloid that’s recently run some ridiculous stories about both singers is flat out WRONG here, too.

A source close to Aguilera tells Gossip Cop “it’s not true” that she and Gaga have any beef, adding, “they actually really like each other.”

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