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Will Lady Gaga and Beyonce be reteaming for her upcoming album ‘ARTPOP?’ Well, if one of Gaga’s deleted tweets is to be believed, the answer is quite possibly!

Curious about ‘ARTPOP,’ a fan asked Gaga via tweet if there would be a continuation of the hit song ‘Telephone’ on the new album. Her reply? “@drunky_gaga fact.”

Mother Monster has been quiet on Twitter and her Little Monsters site lately, so this digital transmission perked our ears up.

Based on what she wrote, there’s not much information or context clues to go on, since she replied to her fan with a single word. She called the continuation a fact, which is a truth. So we can only infer so much.

But the truth is… we just don’t know. Even so, the possibility of a second installment of ‘Telelphone’ thrills us.

It’s not clear if the “continuation” of ‘Telephone’ would feature Beyonce or if it would be a proper sequel, or if it would be Gaga solo, without an assist from Bey. Of course we’d hope that Bey would do a reprise, since it’s not really a continuation of ‘Telephone’ without Bey.

This tweet isn’t on her feed any longer, so we are left with more questions than answers.

Although this tidbit of information doesn’t really shed a whole lot of light, it’s worth noting that Gaga included a “To be continued…” message at the close of her ‘Telephone’ video. So, if this repeat collabo really does happen, it wouldn’t be too too surprising, since Gaga promised a continuation years ago!

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