Paris Hilton's $2 Million Turkish Clothing Campaign

via glooce


Paris Hilton and Arda Turan have been filming a commercial shoot for Turkish clothing company DeFacto. Hilton Tweeted, "In Istanbul, on set shooting the @DefactoDechino commercial with Arda Turan. Such a nice guy!" The shoot is reported to have cost over TL 6 million, Hilton is rumored to be earning TL 3.5 million ($2 Million US) while Arda is expected to make TL 1 million.

Hilton told reporters at the airport, "I love wandering around the mosques and the Grand Bazaar, Turks know how to have a good time. "The women here are very exotic and the men are very handsome, I really like the clubs on the Bosphorus."

Paris was reportedly paid $1 million in August to appear in Kim Jang Hoon’s $13 million 3D music video which is set to debut this month.

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