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Christina Aguilera at center of Photoshop scandal with new perfume advert

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Christina Aguilera recently revealed that she’s embracing her womanly curves.

Yet The Voice coach has today found herself at the centre of a Photoshop scandal, after an advert for her new perfume was released.

Posing in a dusky-pink ballgown with a black bow on the shoot, Christina looked suspiciously like she’d been slimmed-down and bizarrely had her limbs bent at weird angles.

The singer, who perches cross-legged on a shabby-chic inspired armchair for one shot, also appears to have had her wrist retouched to anatomically-incorrect proportions.

In fact, her arm looks too long for her body in the pose – as she pulls a sultry gaze for the camera.

The Photoshop fail didn’t stop there either as website Jezebel noted, with the shadowing on her other arm giving her the illusion of two elbows.

The star's knee also looks off, with a bizarre indentation visible on the side of her knee cap.

The image is of stark contrast to recent pictures of Christina, who has been flaunting a more curvaceous shape of late.

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