Adriana Lima’s Post-Baby Workout Plan: ‘Twice a Day, Seven Days a Week,’ Reveals Trainer

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Brazilian model Adriana Lima is working out a grand total of 42 hours a week to get into shape for November’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The new mother is logging in two-a-day training sessions, proving that getting into Victoria’s Secret shape is a fulltime job.

Lima has added pressure to look like her usually-svelte self – as she gave birth to her second child, daughter Sienna, on Sept. 12. Similar to fellow-Angel, Heidi Klum’s five week slim-down for the 2009 fashion show, Lima will be in her skivvies in record-breaking time.

The 31-year-old stunner is working with her trusty trainer, Michael Olajide Jr., to get into tip-top shape for next month’s runway show, where she’ll no doubt have to strut her stuff in some of the world’s skimpiest lingerie.

How does Lima get into Victoria’s Secret shape post-baby?

Olajide exclusively revealed to Celebuzz how he’s getting Lima runway ready after just giving birth three weeks ago.

Michael Olajide Jr.: Adriana goes above and beyond. As a trainer you can only go as far as the individual you’re training allows you to go. Adriana has a unique mind, an extremely high level of tolerance when it comes to physical discomfort. Some people are afraid to sweat and feel like their heart is going to jump out of their chest but Adriana’s able to function in that atmosphere and that’s why she’s always at the top of her game. She’s 100% professional.

CB: Is it harder to lose the weight after having a second baby?

MO: I can imagine for many reasons, regardless of whether it’s a woman’s first or second baby, it would be difficult. Basically a woman is at the mercy of nature. The hormones are sending different signals throughout the body post pregnancy that can effect the ability to lose weight and even the willingness to be physical, so a fight against nature is probably the hardest thing one can do. Adriana has this ability to override those signals, that’s what I mean when I say she has a unique mind. She is the definition of a fighter.

CB: What are your goals with her?

MO: Adriana’s goal is the same as every healthy woman’s, return to pre-baby shape. She sets the bar high.

CB: How many times are you training her a week?

MO: I work with her twice a day, seven days a week.

CB: What are some specific workouts that work the best for her?

MO:Boxing. But not just simple punching, complex combinations that require her to execute a series of drills at a high rate of speed and power. This keeps her mind sharp and involved. There’s also jump rope. That’s also an intense all over body workout that torches an immense amount of calories. But again, this isn’t jump rope you see in the playground. This is athletic/boxer styled jump rope and then some.

CB: Point blank, what is she doing to get into Victoria’s Secret shape?

MO: Boxing/jump rope and we have specialized sculpting maneuvers that are killer. No weights, no machines.

CB: How long is each workout?

MO: Each workout is 2-3hours long.

CB: What’s one exercise that Adriana loves or dislikes?

MO: Focus mitt works and jump rope she loves. I don’t think she dislikes any one thing we do in particular because she knows it’s all a part of the complete package. She just gets it done.

CB: Is there a body part that she really wants to get back in shape or a body part that she loves to flaunt?

MO: We never discuss anything like that believe it or not, we’ve worked together for many years now. She knows innately where she wants to be for her photo shoots or the Victoria’s Secret show…. we glove up and begin the fight, she knows when she’s ready.

CB: What are some great meal options for someone trying to shed the baby weight?

MO: Basically, cut sugars, eat as natural as possible, drink water, portion control and find a healthy hobby. Not only do we over eat when stressed, we over eat when bored.

CB: If you could give Celebuzz your top three tips for losing weight and staying in their best shape, what would they be?

MO: 1. Keep your workouts cardio and infuse lightweight muscle endurance work. Go athletic. Remember, cardio is king. 2. Set healthy eating plan. 3. Get your sleep in. Bonus: your workout should challenge your mind as well as your body.

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