Remember her? 'Carousel' actress rehearses with retro bikini

Selena Gomez at the Miami Airport today with her friend

Via Glooce

Selena Gomez was spotted at the Miami airport today in an ensemble Miley Cyrus might be proud of. The actress wore jeans with boots and a ripped white T-shirt with a dark purple bra underneath. Her undergarment peeked out just a bit — enough to make a statement but not quite a wardrobe malfunction.

Gomez was with a pal at the airport and they were reportedly headed out of town. Earlier this weekend the star was working on a movie in Atlanta so perhaps she's going back to LA now to aid her ailing boyfriend. Justin Bieber's been under the weather for days!

Bieber has been alternating between complaining about being sick and talking about his music and upcoming tour. He's heading to cities around the globe soon enough and has already started doing full-out rehearsals. While that's exciting and all, we have to ask: Will these two be able to do the long-distance thing again?

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