Remember her? 'Carousel' actress rehearses with retro bikini

Kim Kardashian departs from Australia candids Pics

Via Glooce

While her boo may be in the midst of a sex tape scandal, Kim Kardashian was spotted walking through the Melbourne airport in Australia looking unbeknownst to the entire ordeal.

Very chic and and sharp, the 31-year-old reality star wore a loose fitting black tank paired with dope black and white pants that enhanced her incredible curves. She was spotted in one of those irresistable airport stores stacking up on magazine and snacks for her flight.

While Kim usually responds to most rumors about her family, she has yet to say anything about her man's sex tape mishap and appears to be calm and collected on the matter.

Even though the tape hasn’t been put out for the public to see yet, Kim may be giving Kanye some advice on how to deal with the backlash.

Nevertheless, we’re glad Kim can keep it together through the drama. KimYe will undoubtedly get through this.