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Kelly Osbourne's $250,000 Emmys manicure

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Prior to the awards ceremony, Ms Osbourne uploaded an image of the nail polish to Instagram, writing: 'I'm s***ting myself to have that much money on my nails!'

Celebrity stylist Nicolas Bru, responsible for Ms Osbourne's quarter-of-a-million manicure, and her Zac Posen gown, explained: 'I was very inspired by the neo-goth looks presented on the runways this fall, and I wanted to mix that up with red carpet glamour.'

While just one bottle of the 267-carat nail polish was produced, other $25 versions of the ritzy design went on sale in September.

Stocked on Ron Robinson online, the budget version is also available in black and brushes on with a glittery sheen.

According to the product's press release, the nail polish gives a 'one-of-a-kind finish. Not only can it be used to add a subtle shimmer to any nail look, but it can be applied to achieve an on-trend ombré effect, or layered to provide a deep, multidimensional black-diamond finish.'

Azature, the one-named designer behind the brand, said that the black diamond is the 'ultimate fine jewel'.

He added: 'One day I thought, "why not showcase this style on nails?" So I developed a Black Diamond Nail Polish with the same attention and quality as my jewelry in order to preserve the elegance of the black diamond.'

It is not the first time a nail polish has been sold for such an inflated cost. Models Own, a British company, released a Gold Rush Couture nail polish last year.

The product, which contained 1,118 diamonds, was priced at $132, 800, which set a new record for the most expensive nail polish in the world.

It also featured a hand-crafted lid made from yellow gold.

In July 2012, beauty fans showed their passion for nail polish by taking to the auction site eBay in order to purchase the almost impossible-to-get Black Spotted polish by OPI.

Because it only sells in France, French owners of the product are able to price the varnish for up to $70 per bottle.

Black Spotted joined a new velvet varnish, created by Ciate, as this season's hottest new nail art products.

Ciate's velvet variety is more readily available, however.

It comes in three colours and includes a polish, a tube of shredded crushed velvet in the same colour as the varnish and a small brush.

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