Complex magazine's list of 50 hottest funny girls of all time

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10.  Anna Faris

Funniest Role: Shelley Darlington in The House Bunny (2008)
Memorable Quote: “I'm not easily grossed out, but you can't help being turned off a little at the thought of being plastered to the ceiling by your boyfriend's man-juice.”

Faris got her start as the innocent hero of Scary Movie, but her comedic acting chops have only improved; take for instance her monologue in Smiley Face, the greatest stoner monologue to grace the silver screen. Faris always knows how to gracefully walk in between hilarious and hot, like her role in Just Friends as the spazzy self-centered pop star, or the sexy Playboy bunny who helps a sorority of losers find their inner hot girl in The House Bunny.

9. Mila Kunis

Funniest Role: Jackie Burkhart on That '70s Show
Memorable Quote: "I was on Baywatch twice. The second time, I played a blind girl who's lost in the forest next to the beach and needs to be saved. It was absurd: There's a fire, I get saved, and then I go boogie-boarding. I remember thinking, 'Well, if I'm blind, how am I boogie-boarding?' No one ever gave me an answer."

Kunis became a household name when she played the outspoken, self-centered Jackie on That '70s Show. But it wasn't until her role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall that Kunis became a comedic force to be reckoned with. She already had the sex appeal down, she just needed to show off her improv chops. Kunis came alive in the comedic hit Friends With Benefits opposite Justin Timberlake and helped to create the current guy-friendly romcom genre. Hell, now she's a staple in all things bro-ishly funny. Just watch Ted and listen to her voice Meg on Family Guy.

8. Isla Fisher

Funniest Role: Katie in Bachelorette (2012)
Memorable Quote:
 "It was great having red hair as a kid, because I had something to blame my temper on. Now I go for the same colour palette as Conan O'Brien. "

Fisher first entered our radar as the one woman that could tear Shaggy away from a sandwich in Scooby-Doo, the fittingly-named Mary Jane. However, it was her appearance in Wedding Crashers as the unstable nut job Gloria that made us fall in love with her comedic timing (and her, to boot). In her latest role as Katie in Bachelorette, we see how easily Fisher can steal the show with her impressive, perfectly placed, one-liners.

7. Alison Brie

Funniest Role: Annie Edison on Community
Memorable Quote:
 "I wasn't a card-carrying nudist, but I did find it funny. It was enjoyable to run around campus naked from time to time. "

It's fitting that Brie was a clown before she had her big break as an actress. It's also fitting that she was somewhat of a free spirit in her own college career. Brie was far from her prudish straight-A character, Annie, in her own hallowed halls by admitting she was a bit of a nudist in college on Conan earlier this year. Thanks to her taste in the nuder things in life and her past as a birthday party sideshow, Brie can't help but win laughs with her neurotic-good-girl-with-a-naughty-side character in Community.

6. Rashida Jones

Funniest Role: Anne Perkins on Parks and Recreation
Memorable Quote: 
"Once, my sister, Michael, Emmanuel Lewis and I got in a car with Super Soakers and went by a movie theater and supersoaked the hell out of people waiting in line. They had no idea they'd just been supersoaked by the King of Pop."

Rashida Jones is the epitome of a girl crush. Everything about her make you want to drop whatever you're doing and gaze wistfully at her low key charm and undeniable sex appeal. There's something about her--a je ne sais quois quality--that has transformed her from Quincy Jones' daughter to a pop culture icon, largely because of her role as Anne Perkins on Parks and Recreation. We have been fans of Rashida for a while now, and as her stock continues to rise, she will only get hotter to us.

5. Aubrey Plaza

Funniest Role: April Ludgate on Parks and Recreation
Memorable Quote:
 "Thanks to Young Hollywood for this award. Thank you to all young people. Fuck you old people. Old people can go fuck themselves. I'm going to live forever."

Plaza has mastered a deadpan delivery with a quick dry wit. There's a fear that if you don't laugh at one of her jokes she may appear over your bedside to smother you. That's even how she got her job at Parks and Recreation as April, by intimidating creator Michael Shur. But there is something incredibly endearing about her, even when she turns down a magic show invitation from Ryan Gosling, but still plots to kill his girlfriend so they could be together. Plus, Plaza is starring in the next huge raunchy sex comedy The To-Do List with a bucket list of sex acts.

4. Jennifer Aniston

Funniest Role: Rachel Green on Friends
Memorable Quote: 
"When someone follows you all the way to the shop and watches you buy a toilet roll, you know your life has changed."

Aniston played Rachel, the post-nose-job spoiled hotty from one of the greatest sitcoms to ever grace the world, Friends. Not only did her role inspire one of the largest haircut crazes to sweep the nation, but she also became a staple in the rom-com genre. She played the gorgeous love interest in Bruce Almighty, Just Go with It, and—we're still crying over it—Marley and Me.

3. Sofia Vergara

Funniest Role: Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on Modern Family
Memorable Quote: 
"If you're asking if my breasts are natural, yes, this is how I've looked since I was 13 years old."

Sofia Vergara is easily one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood today despite many starlets being almost half her age. The 40-year-old Modern Family star's over-the-top sassy personality only adds to her her already outrageous sex appeal. Don't let her exotic charm and Colombian accent fool you, though. Her acting skills are right there with the best of them. With multiple Golden Globe and Emmy nominations, its only a matter of time before she brings home the W.

2. Tina Fey

Funniest Role: Liz Lemon on 30 Rock
Memorable Quote: “To say I’m an overrated troll, when you have never even seen me guard a bridge, is patently unfair.”

Tina Fey may be the closest we've come to a Comedy God. Fey has seen success in every form—from doing improv at Second City Theatre, to becoming head writer and Weekend Update co-anchor on SNL and writing the now-classic Mean Girls, to numerous Emmy wins for starring and creating 30 Rock. Oh, and she's also a bestselling author for her book Bossypants. She's even sexy and hilarious when she gets drunk with Jon Hamm after the Emmys and yells at the paparrazi, "This is what it looks like when New York gets drunk."

1. Emma Stone

Funniest Role: Olive in Easy A (2010)
Memorable Quote: “I think I was drawn to comedy originally because when I was really young, by the time I was eight I had seen movies like The Jerk, Animal House, and Planes, Trains & Automobiles with my dad, and I knew them by heart, I loved them and my dad loved them, and we would laugh together, and I would think, ‘This is love.’ I just wanted to make people feel like that.”

It's impossible to find someone who hates Emma Stone. She's hilarious, she's charming, she's smart, and she's in some of the best movies we've seen about zombies and school slut shamings in a long time. As if her smokey voice wasn't sexy enough, she can also tell Ryan Gosling off about his ridiculous photoshopped bod. We have fellow hot funny girl, Gilda Radner, to thank for that; her old SNL sketches helped draw Stone towards to comedy. If not for Radner and Steve Martin, we'd just have another hot red head on our hands.

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