Britney Spears gets good reviews for her X Factor Usa judging position

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Entertainment Weekly: 'X Factor': Britney brings the joy and the pain

The X Factor could hardly have done better in enlisting Britney Spears as a new arbiter of who can cram the most notes into a musical phrase. Spears embodies as much of that indefinable quality that lifts a singer into super-duper-stardom, plus… well, she’s Britney, which means she brings to any professional endeavor that mixture of sweetness, shrewdness, nervous energy, unpretentiousness, and, occasionally, defiance that only finds its full flower when she’s trying most earnestly to be a surrogate for the masses. Which is what she managed to do on her X Factor debut, even while she was being treated like pop royalty. 

It built to her. She did just fine, rattling off a variety of “No”s to the punching-bag mediocrities the producers let in for comic relief, and offering sensibly measured praise and a few out-and-out raves the rest of the time. In other words, she didn’t overdo it, she looked comfortable, and I’m including the moment when she was confronted with an old duet partner, Don Philip, whose voice was shot.

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People magazine: Spears has a lot of Charm on the X Factor

It's good to have Britney Spears back. She's a star, whatever her ups and downs, and the originator of some of the most iconic pop images of the past 20 years. Yes, it's always good to know Britney is in the house. Or simply a house.

Or even The X Factor. 

Spears still has a lot of charm in her expressive mouth – she has a great mouth, actually – and eyes that easily convey whatever emotion the moment requires. She has simple, undeniable physicality.

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NY Post: Major ‘Factors’

But the pop diva was at the top of her game last night — and for 15 million big ones, she had better be. Looking a bit banged up, but sounding smart and decisive, Spears easily slipped into the Paula role without making viewers resent that she had snatched the seat

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Entertainment Weekly 'The X Factor' recap: Britney Spears Gives Good Face

Now that I've been sing-humming "Toxic" for five hours, it's probably safe to start the recap.

Welcome, bitches, to Britney's new castle! Demi Lovato also lives there now, along with her father/brother figure and sex/romance consultant Simon Cowell. 

What I like about Britney on this show, besides everything, is her succinctness. She's brutally honest, never rambles, and -- if we're to believe the carefully edited clip series of some of her best letdowns -- often just says "No." one, two, or three times to get her point across.

MTV: Britney Brings It

Britney brings it: Spears was full of bubbly compliments ("flawless," "amazing," "I think you are completely and utterly adorable") and harsh putdowns ("you need a new teacher," "I felt like I was listening to Alvin and the Chipmunks," "I really didn't get it," "no, no, no, no.") She also wasn't afraid to mix it up with rude, terrible singers and provide a gallery of classic horrified/elated faces. But the pained, confused look on her face and her real talk assessment of former duet partner Don Philip's audition provided one of the realest moments on "Factor," or any competing show, in recent memory. "Your voice really isn't up to the bar of the standards of the 'X Factor' and what we want," she told him.

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Billboard: Britney Offers Breathless Critiques Throughout Premiere

Britney Spears got down to business in her "X Factor" debut Wednesday night, dispensing blunt-but-fair rulings on some singers, cheery encouragement to others and even weathering a sad encounter with an old duet partner who was clearly past his prime.

Throughout the two-hour premiere on Fox, Spears cast off her vacant-eyed reputation and showed herself to be a pro at delivering the kind of deliberate, tough-to-swallow feedback that often goes unsaid during these kinds of reality competitions. During an early montage of her best zingers, Spears and the word "no" became pals, and she was blunt with oddities like 50-year-old Shawn Armenta, after he sang his own composition "Candy Girls."

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The Star: The X Factor premiere recap: Britney Spears, Demi Lovato make impressive debut 

Well played, Simon Cowell, well played.

Of course, one of the reasons Cowell is a gazillionaire is his ability to spot talent, whether in the music business or on TV shows.

The X Factor mastermind saw something in Britney Spears the rest of us were missing.

Granted we’re only into the first audition show, but I was buying what Spears was selling. And that was a direct, unsentimental approach to judging.

Paula and Nicole who?

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IVillage: She may not have nice things to say about everybody, but the Queen of Pop was an honest -- and entertaining -- judge!

"You're very good at this," Simon Cowell told Britney Spears at one point during the premiere of The X Factor (Fox, Wednesday and Thursdays, 8 p.m. ET). And he was right. 

The much hyped premiere -- typical for a Cowell affair -- placed a lot of focus on Spears, the most iconic (and expensive) member of his new judging panel. The first episode showcased a carefully calculated revamp, including a documentary-style feel in the segments prior to the auditions. But the addition of Spears (and to a slightly lesser extent, the bubbly Demi Lovato) was Cowell's ace in the hole.

When the four judges -- Cowell, L.A. Reid, Spears and Lovato -- took the stage, Spears was introduced last. And the camera's careful attention to her made it clear: Lovato is a fun, feisty spitfire, but Spears' opinions are the most valued. And happily, the 30-year-old pop icon rose to the challenge.

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Washington Times: Britney Spears: Singer rules as 'X Factor' judge 

Judge Britney Spears is in control on “The X Factor.”

During the season debut airing Wednesday on Fox, the audience cheers her; Simon Cowell defers to her; and Miss Spears is crisp, if not a wit, in her contestant verdicts.

We get the pop princess who knows how to hold the spotlight, not the young woman who has struggled in her personal life, in the taped premiere of “X Factor.” Live episodes start airing in November.

Jitters may be making her matter-of-fact, and even stern, but she appears unlikely to morph into a Paula Abdul-style pushover even if she gets more comfortable. Her “X Factor” style: sleek, form-fitting dresses and an impressive array of frowns and surprised smiles.

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