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Adele Covers Rolling Stone's Women Who Rock 2012 Issue

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Adele on not being a fan of gossip:
"My friends all read gossip s**t, and they're like, 'I heard you you're going now with blah blah,' and I haven't even met these people. It's bulls**t."

Aretha Franklin on Adele:
"It's been a long time since an artist like Adele has come along. Carol King is the last person who wrote the kind of lyrics women immediately could relate to. I love to hear a schoolgirl on the school bus yellin', 'We coulda had it all!'"

Adele on writing sessions acting as her therapy:
"We broke up mutually, and I was desperate to write about it 'causes I can't talk about my feelings to anyone. To my mom, to my therapist, to friends, to myself in the mirror - I can't really do it. I've always written down how I feel."

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