Picture of Victoria's Secret Model Lais Ribeiro: Another Photoshop Failure?

Via Glooce


The latest picture posted of model Lais Ribeiro by Victoria's Secret has received a lot of criticism and outcries of encouraging unhealthy body images.   

It has only been a day since Victoria's Secret posted a picture of model Lais Ribeiro on Facebook and the shot has already received more than 15,000 negative comments. The lean Ribeiro is seen wearing a pink set of lingerie and looking extra-skinny.


"What you did to this model's body with photoshop is sickening," Solymar Solís-Ávila wrote. "She doesn't even look healthy."

"The top left of her stomach doesn't match with the bottom left half," agreed Kristy Yates. "Another example of VS's extremely poor photoshopping. Sad, bc her body looks like it would have been awesome without it, too."

However, has the picture really been photoshopped or is it the model's figure for real? Even if it isn't a Photoshop failure, Facebook fans believe the model is too skinny and appears unhealthy. They think by putting up this picture, the lingerie label is sending out a wrong message to the public.

An earlier un-photoshopped picture of the model reveals that Ribeiro does have an unusually long torso and thin rib cage. It's possible that the strange-looking image could be the result of an awkward pose and bad photo angle.

Some facebook comments read:

"Not a photoshop fail, have any of you seen her in person or seen her walk in the VS fashion show?" Madeline Dawson wrote. "She has a very small rib cage and narrow hips and is healthy and in shape."

"I hope this is a photoshop fail, otherwise this girl need to change jobs..." Ale Sama wrote.

"That looks horrible how skinny she is!! Shame on u VS!" Vanessa Johnson said. "Eating disorders are an epidemic with younger women because they have this 'image' of what is supposed to be beautiful... I know, I was one of them!"

"I wrote them an email once about how their models look sick," Sierra Caccavale said. "They wrote me back and said they go for a 'healthy young look.'"