Lady Gaga’s new scent smells of `blood, sweat and semen`



Lady Gaga, whose new perfume ad shows her smeared in sloppy egg yolk and thick, black tar, is said to be based on the pop star’s own body scent.


The promo uses Gaga’s tune Scheibe, which translates as ‘s***’.

The star has revealed that she has sampled her bodily fluids while concocting the spray so it would have the whiff of an “expensive hooker” and “blood, sweat and semen,” the Sun reported.

The scent is selling quickly in the US. The ‘Poker Face’ hit maker announced on Saturday that she would be making a special appearance in Harrods in October, probably on a sales drive for it in the UK.

Meanwhile droves of British fans have taken to Twitter to declare they won’t buy it because they fear it will “literally smell like s***”.