Do Something! Awards PSA w/ Kathy Griffin: "50 Shades of Green"-1 video-1 gif

via Glooce

Did you ever think about the environmental impact that 50 Shades of Grey had on the environment? Probably not, but Kathy Griffin has. In partnership with the Do Something! Awards, Griffin has brought us this very important PSA about what?s happened to our landfills as a result of the titillating book series. In short, it?s being overrun with your sex toys, ladies, and Kathy has a plan to reduce, reuse, and recycle all that smut you?ve discarded now that you?ve had your Christian Grey-inspired sexual awakening.

Watch the very special message from Kathy above, and tune in to the Do Something! Awards when they air on VH1 this Tuesday, August 21 ay 9 p.m. ET/PT to see how you can jump on Kathy?s 50 Shades Of Green bandwagon. Please, think of the children and do what you can to help.