Remember her? 'Carousel' actress rehearses with retro bikini

G4TV Personality Alison Haislip 's Website Photoshoot Pics (14x;MQ)

G4TV Personality Alison Haislip 's Website Photoshoot Pics (14x;MQ)

Not everybody may know about her, but she's one of my favorite female personalities on G4. Since Olivia Munn has been out and about filming her sitcom, doing appearances on the Daily Show, and being in movies, Haislip has temporarily taken Munn's place as the co-host of Attack of the Show.

(Her wiki page here)

Personally, I think she's much hotter than Olivia. Not to say Olivia isn't hot (she is), but Haislip has more of a "girl next door" vibe to her, and seems more laid back and less "Hollywood" than Munn.

That said, she just opened her new website yesterday, and on the front page (the first time you visit the site) there's a flash music video featuring several dozen photos from a shoot she did specifically for the site.

Here are a choice few of them.

If you want to watch the intro video more than once, here's the link.

And here's the photos: (Enjoy, everybody!)