Crystal Renn Accused of Not Being Plus-Size

Photos from Crystal Renn’s latest editorial in the December issue of Harper’s Bazaar have the internet buzzing with the question: “Is she still plus size?”

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One commenter on asked “So is she no longer a ‘plus size’ model?” and another noted, “She is so pretty. But is she back to being skinny? She totally isn’t pluz-
size either she’s back on track or this is some photoshop. Which I’m hoping it’s not.” A post on the LiveJournal Fashin community (lol, people wrote this article surely has a lot of time) of the photos is titled, “Is This Even Plus Size Anymore?” and commenters are speculating about Renn’s size. A 4? A 6?

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She fluctuates slightly now but has pretty much landed at a FULL 8, sometimes a 10,” Gary Dakin, Renn’s agent at Ford told us. But to assuage those worrying about whether Renn is dropping back to an unhealthy weight, Dakin confirms, “Crystal is completely healthy and reintroduced exercise back into her routine.”

Crystal Renn has come to symbolize the debate over size in the fashion industry. She’s vocal about her struggles with anorexia, made headlines when she spoke out against being photoshopped into a slimmer version of herself, and has become something of a spokeswoman to promote acceptance at any size.

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“I think the fashion industry is changing and is more open to a new ideal,” Renn told us following the unveiling of her Chanel campaign. “It’s about a personality and a moment’s not about body size it’s about talent and effort.”

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Renn is certainly oozing with talent and the fashion industry has taken note. This year alone she’s landed big campaigns for Gaultier and Chanel, walked in both of their shows in Paris this past September, and landed editorials in French Vogue.

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“If people have truly followed her message, it is about acceptance and beauty at any size,” says Dakin. “No where does it say on the shoot that she is a plus size or straight size.

More scan from US Harper's Bazaar December 2010 ( Click for full size)

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